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lost in athens

Juvenile judge Marlene Neubach (Silke Bodenbender) travels to Greece, also to visit her son Jakob (Tom Gronau). 
In Athens, however, there is no trace of the student on his year abroad. Before she can contact the police, 
Inspector Vergas (Kostas Antalopoulos) gets in touch: Jakob is wanted in connection with criminal offenses. 
A nightmare begins for the lawyer who, with the help of Alexandros Demetriou (Yousef Sweid), wants to find out what happened to her son. 
Apparently, Jakob and his girlfriend Eleni (Chara Mata Giannatou) belong to an activist group that is committed - even illegally - 
to helping refugees in the Aegean Sea. Her investigations also lead Marlene to secret service machinations in the Athens juggernaut. To save Jakob, she spares no risks.

marlene neubach silke bodenbender
alexandros demetriou yousef sweid
eleni athanasiadis chara mata giannatou
jakob neubach tom gronau
commissioner vergas kostas anatalopoulos
jens mühlhaus thomas limpinsel
tim andreas hagl
director roland suso richter 
dop & acam operator andrés marder  
1.assistent camera acam giannis rozeas
2.assistent camera acam argyris papatheodorou 
bcam operator konstantin wolkenstein 
1.assistant camera bcam alex asplind
2.assistant camera bcam stefanos zervoulakos 
video operator elias richter 
grading claudia gittel
sound mixer giannis antipas
music andrej melita 
production designer michael björn köning
assistent production designer katharina wiesner
key make up giannis pamoukis
make up aggeliki trikogia
hair artisi idomeneas michalodimitrakis
production  lailaps films gmbh, avriofilms 
producer nils dünker
executive producer felix schneider
producer leon schömig
line producer stephan hartwig
production manager thanassis christopoulos
production coordinator marita papadaki
location manager giorgos maravas
transportation manager jason frisch
commissioning editor claudia luzius
commissioning editor christoph pellander
written by gernot krää
shot in Athens/Greece 2022

pesse: tittelbach