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the gatekeeper teaser

director dominic mueller
dop andrés marder
written by andi knop
post wefadetogrey

Ever since World War Two, Berlin's underground has been filled with bunkers, remains of Hitler's Germania, as well as abandoned subway lines and "ghost stations," remains of the divided Cold War city.
It is a dark, scary, yet fascinating world that even today
holds many secrets. This is the world of "The Gatekeeper."
On another sleepless summer night in Berlin, Detective Becker gets an anonymous phone call telling him where to find the four American students that went missing one year ago.
But what's left of the two young couples (Melissa & Eric, Grace & Joshua) are only four burned, mutilated bodies and a camcorder - all laying in the pitch black darkness of an abandoned subway line.
Forced by the government to keep his investigation a secret, Detective Becker only trusts one man: Adam Jeffrey. Jeffrey, a veteran CIA operative, has been trying to catch "The Gatekeeper" for nearly 30 years. However, there have never been any leads before. So why now?
Hitting "Play" on the camcorder, the audience, along with Becker and Jeffrey, is transported into the horrific world of survival and mind games that the two American couples face down in the abandoned bunkers of Berlin.
And will the legacy of "The Gatekeeper" survive?
This is just the beginning...